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  • The Legal Realistic Views of Oliver Wendell Holmes and Alf Neils Christian Ross.

    INTRODUCTION Among jurists in particular and philosophers in general, there exists a difficulty with regard to legal concepts and laws in general. This is based on the best way to classify, theorize and even practice them. Based on this many legal theorists have postulated various ways of seeing laws in […]

  • A Distinction between Knowing and Believing

    INTRODUCTION In the epistemological branch of philosophy, the issue of knowledge occupies a prominent place. This is due to the fact that epistemology itself, simply means the theory of knowledge and as such it engages itself with the study of whether knowledge is possible, and if so, how does and […]

  • A Summary of the Experimental Approach Of Psychologists/Cognitive Scientists to the Problem of the Relationship Between Language And Thought.

    In the philosophical gymnasium, every epoch has a particular problem which it sets out to address. The ancients were Cosmo-centric, because they were bent on finding the primary underlying substance in the universe. In the same vein, the medieval and modern philosophers were Theo-centric and anthropocentric, because they expounded on […]

  • Bigard Weekly Reflections on Homilies and Conferences (Mon. 12th, Oct. – Sun. 18th, Oct 2015)

    Theme: Building a Spiritual fortress through reconciliation It negates our faith as Christians when we seek for immaterial signs, for there is no greater sign than reconciling people to God, just as in the case of Jonah. The role of a priest is to reconcile people with God by building […]

  • Bigard Weekly Reflections on Homilies and Conferences (Mon. 5th, Oct. – Sun. 11th, Oct 2015)

    Theme: Honesty, gentleness and responsibility: the three legged stool to uphold The greatness of Bigard does not depend on the amount of money we have, nor by harbouring mighty men; but for the creditable fact that  Bigard is a center of Excellence, therefore we are all called to greatness. Many […]

  • Immanuel Kant and his Critique of the Transcendent Metaphysics

    Kant’s critique of the transcendent (traditional) Metaphysics is a contribution to the classical debate between the rationalists and the empiricists about the true source of knowledge. It is also a reaction to the unpopularity of metaphysics among the scientifically minded thinkers of the Modern Period; and to the devastating criticism […]

  • Freedom and Determinism

    The terms “freedom” and “determinism” call to mind the problems of moral responsibility, human efforts to better man’s conditions, the concept of chance. To what extent can man decide what to do? Does he really decide what to do, or does he simply do what he has been programmed to […]

  • Key to Understanding the Philosophy of Martin Heideggar. (1889-1976)

    Martin Heideggar (1889-1976) is a great German philosopher of the 20th Century who is widely regarded as the most original and influential 20th Century philosopher. He is the most immediate influence of Edmund Husserl and is highly reckoned as a great metaphysician who also developed existential phenomenology.